Our range of machines, components and accessories has been designed to meet the production needs of our customers.
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Danese srl was founded in 1992, thanks to the experience in the technical field of its founders, in one of the largest tanning centers in the world: Arzignano.
Its main activity, at the beginning, was the production of ribbons in elastic fabrics for staking machines, a field in which it has managed to equal and perhaps surpass many competitors who have been working these products for a long time.
To meet the needs of its customers who were becoming more and more extensive, Danese srl has become, over the years, a commercial able to guarantee supplies of spare parts and accessories at low prices and of great reliability and later a mechanical workshop that produces machinery of great reliability for the tannery and other sectors.

Believing, growing and investing in the “leather” sector, over the years Danese has completed the acquisition of companies such as “Calati” and has created new brands such as “eZipCut” and “Carm the buffing paper”, all branded product lines. precisely, studied, cut and made to measure for leather and leather tanning.
Flanked by other companies that had the same philosophy and vision as Aircom and Martinez, the Danese has created the Tannery.Equipment Team, able to ensure the final customer the supplies he needs for production with an unparalleled quality / price ratio and support necessary to develop and modify historical products to face the challenges posed every day by the reference sector in peace.
Having control of production is sometimes essential for the tanner, in order to personalize his article and thus become competitive on the market.

is the branch of the company of DANESE that has always been dedicated to the maintenance and repair of pneumatic trimmers of other brands.
In 2018, after accumulating decades of experience, it dedicated itself to designing, testing and producing the EZ80 and EZ90 two pneumatic cutters conceived, created and developed for cutting leather in all its stages, from raw to finished.
Reliability, durability, product customization and 24/7 assistance are the strengths of eZipCut.

Who we are:
It was October 21, 1961 when Carlo Calati founded his own company, designing the CALATI thickness gauge famous all over the world.
Reliability, accuracy, quick response, long life…. that “little gray tool” in aluminum, brass and steel is one of the oldest tools that a tanner or a leather worker still uses today.
CALATI has standardized the thickness of the leather all over the world, even before the ISO, UNI and US-D standards. All tanneries and leather shops have at least one.
The company has since passed for three generations.
After Carlo, his two sons Alberto and Alessandro, in 1977, continued to produce those measuring instruments, making them grow to become renowned all over the world.
Since then, until 2019, the Calati brothers have managed to maintain the quality and value of the instruments.
Since July 2019 the company has entered another generation and has become a star, part of the DANISH galaxy. The Calati company, maintaining the same method of manufacturing, control and assembly “of the Calati”, moved the company to Trissino da Arzignano where it had been based for fifty-six years.
The new owner, keeping everything as it was on the analog instrument, has also engineered and distributes a digital type and a new concept that, very soon, will be able to communicate with the tannery and leather goods machines.

CALATI thickness gauges are particularly suitable for an exact and fast measurement of the thickness of multiple materials including leather, paper, fabrics, sheet metal, plastic, rubber and foams with the possibility of using various types of contact based on the surface to be measured.
Greater care has been taken to ensure a longer life even when the instruments work in the most critical conditions in contact with water, salts and acids.
For this reason, the arch, made of light alloy, is protected with an epoxy powder paint while the more delicate parts are made of stainless steel.
Since 1965 CALATI thickness gauges have been made in Italy in various models, used in all work environments and appreciated all over the world.
In 2018, a research and development division was established, as well as an internal laboratory for certifications, able to support customers’ quality departments and help them face the challenges of the future.

“La Carta Emeriglio” does not come to mind a more detailed description.
Born in 2015 from the thirty-year experience of trained technicians, of great experience, and from the futuristic vision of the property, CARM is a product born, and produced only for the tannery.
In fact, it contains, in a single universal product, all the needs that may derive from the grinding process



  • TURNEX ® lame a spaccare

TURNEX® splitting band knives

Following the final closure of the world-famous TURNER in Germany, TURNEX GmbH was founded in 1993. Two highly qualified former employees of the former TURNER from the commercial and technical departments have technologically developed machines [...]


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