Our range of machines, components and accessories has been designed to meet the production needs of our customers.
  • Pinza IC
  • Pinza PN
  • Pinza Fitai A
  • Veslic Neri
  • Veslic Bianci
  • Checkers
  • Lyphan
  • PHmetro lab
  • Calati Ricambi 2020
  • Calati Digital
  • Rubber Conveyor
  • cilindri incisi
  • rete teflonata
  • Treccia Nylon
  • Treccia Nera
  • Catalytic Panels
  • GB Filter


Danese srl was founded in 1992, thanks to the experience of over 20 years in the technical field of its founders, in one of the largest tanning centers in the world: Arzignano (VI).

Its main activity, for about six months, was the production of ribbons in elastic fabrics for palissoni, a field in which it managed to equal and perhaps surpass many competitors who had been working these products for a long time.

To meet the needs of its customers who were becoming more and more extensive, Danese srl has become a commercial company able to guarantee supplies of spare parts and accessories at low prices and of great reliability.


eZipCut pneumatic scissors

eZipCut® EZ90 is the new pneumatic cutter designed to trim, in a swift and simple way, all types of hides after the fleshing process. “It’s easy. It’s zippy. eZipCut!” The “onomatopoeic” claim featured on the [...]


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