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TURNEX® splitting band knives

Following the final closure of the world-famous TURNER in Germany, TURNEX GmbH was founded in 1993. Two highly qualified former employees of the former TURNER from the commercial and technical departments have technologically developed machines and spare parts for  TURNER machines and thus aroused great interest on the world market. In 2004, DANESE srl took over the business of TURNEX GmbH, which had found a special method for the production of splitting knives in its historical know-how Thanks to a particular surface obtained with an exclusive grinding, this method allows for less friction with the blade guides and less wear [...]


CubeLifter D6

After thinking for a long time about something that would help tannery operators not to bend down to pick up the hides to be processed, other than the classic hydraulic lift, Danese has finally created the D6 CubeLifter, the sixth model of sustainable accessory and above all guaranteed for life , from the DANESE production. Simple, economical and very long lasting. Simple because a series of modular springs that support from 500 to 3,000 kg. They guarantee the lifting of the platform. Economical, no connection and no costs are needed for positioning, it can be moved anywhere at any time [...]


CARM the buffing paper

The product that was missing: Carm the Buffing paper was born in 2015 from the thirty-year experience of trained technicians and from the futuristic vision of the property, which gives life to the so-called "Emery Paper" for the tannery. Carm encloses in a single universal product all the needs that can arise from the process of grinding the skins, thanks to a product able to work them at their best, whatever their conditions, from very fine to very thick, from wet to dry. Carm is much more than an abrasive paper, it is a brand, a guarantee of quality, which [...]


Hydraulic components at 360°

Not only hydraulic motors, adaptive bells, hydraulic pumps and spare parts in general and valves: the hydraulic material is made of many components that play a fundamental role in a hydraulic or hydraulic system. Hydraulic filters, Diaphragm tanks, Collectors for pressurization groups, Collectors for diathermic oil heating systems, flanges, pressure gauges must be chosen with care considering their reliability and functionality. From materials to construction technologies, each piece has strengths that affect the performance and longevity of a plant. The choice of the most suitable hydraulic components in line with the needs of the designer and installer is therefore facilitated [...]


eZipCut pneumatic scissors

eZipCut® EZ90 is the new pneumatic cutter designed to trim, in a swift and simple way, all types of hides after the fleshing process. “It’s easy. It’s zippy. eZipCut!” The “onomatopoeic” claim featured on the homepage of the website immediately puts in the limelight the core qualities and functions: eZipCut® is the new brand of pneumatic trimmers purposefully designed and developed to cut throughout the tanning process, as well as fabrics and other materials intended the fashion industry. Lightness, precision, speed, ease of use and of maintenance: these are the distinctive traits boasted by the whole range, the latter conceived [...]


Fleshway D-2 fleshing pump

FLESHWAY D-2 has been conceived to move the remnants of fleshing far away from the fleshing machine, and precisely 150 metres far, without problems like heights, bends, etc. Thanks to its noticeable flow, D-2 is able to follow the production of a through-feed fleshing machine or of two tradicional fleshing machines at the same time and, most important, without need of water during the fleshing phase. The maximum flow is 9-12 m3/h. The dimensions are: mm. 2100 x 600 x 600. Weight approx. kg. 550  

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