Following the final closure of the world-famous TURNER in Germany, TURNEX GmbH was founded in 1993.

Two highly qualified former employees of the former TURNER from the commercial and technical departments have technologically developed machines and spare parts for  TURNER machines and thus aroused great interest on the world market.

In 2004, DANESE srl took over the business of TURNEX GmbH, which had found a special method for the production of splitting knives in its historical know-how

Thanks to a particular surface obtained with an exclusive grinding, this method allows for less friction with the blade guides and less wear of the same. The technology is now widespread in tanneries by the Turnex brand.

The use of blades with TURNEX® technology together with quality wheels produced by Norton® can give double results compared to competitive blades, in terms of units produced per blade and  in terms of production time per leather (less regrinding operation time loss).


Norton is a registered trademark of Saint-Gobain Abrasivi