eZipCut pneumatic scissors

eZipCut® EZ90 is the new pneumatic cutter designed to trim, in a swift and simple way, all types of hides after the fleshing process. “It’s easy. It’s zippy. eZipCut!” The “onomatopoeic” claim featured on the homepage of the website immediately puts in the limelight the core qualities and functions: eZipCut® is the new brand of pneumatic cutters purposefully designed and developed to cut throughout the tanning process, as well as fabrics and other materials intended the fashion industry. Lightness, precision, speed, ease of use and of maintenance: these are the distinctive traits boasted by the whole range, the latter conceived [...]


spare parts splitting machines

Splitting Machines Our most requested spare parts for splitting machines are: splitting blades TURNEX by Lamebo ring roller transport (grooved) roller rubber roller Central blade guides back plates - ring roller scrapers grinding wheels NORTON electric spare parts We also have all the spare parts of the "MERCIER" and "TURER" machines.  

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