The product that was missing:

Carm the Buffing paper was born in 2015 from the thirty-year experience of trained technicians and from the futuristic vision of the property, which gives life to the so-called “Emery Paper” for the tannery.

Carm encloses in a single universal product all the needs that can arise from the process of grinding the skins, thanks to a product able to work them at their best, whatever their conditions, from very fine to very thick, from wet to dry.

Carm is much more than an abrasive paper, it is a brand, a guarantee of quality, which counts a production process carried out in selected third-party factories and a control and storage carried out with the utmost care in the DANESE plants.

CARM paper is produced in 3 types :

LB or “Light Brown” or the universal paper, made of aluminum oxide, which works, thanks to its very compact support also wet leathers, which previously required double resination paper.

FB or “Fire Brown” or double resination paper for very humid environments or wet skins.

AB is the paper coupled to the cotton canvas that is used to upgrade the skin flower.