eZipCut® EZ90 is the new pneumatic cutter
designed to trim, in a swift and simple way, all
types of hides after the fleshing process.
“It’s easy. It’s zippy. eZipCut!” The “onomatopoeic” claim
featured on the homepage of the website immediately
puts in the limelight the core qualities and functions:
eZipCut® is the new brand of pneumatic cutters
purposefully designed and developed to cut throughout
the tanning process, as well as fabrics and other
materials intended the fashion industry. Lightness,
precision, speed, ease of use and of maintenance:
these are the distinctive traits boasted by the whole
range, the latter conceived to help the operator carry
on cutting and trimming operations, thus optimizing
processing times and methods. The blade can be
sharpened easily, while the product’s wear-proof
properties are guaranteed by the top-quality materials
used for its making.
More specifically, the model eZipCut® EZ90 has been
designed to meet the needs of tanneries when it comes
to the trimming of hides after the fleshing phase. Easy
to handle, the pneumatic cutter is able to cut the
leather without the support of the free hand, at a speed
previously unattainable. Acknowledged as one the most
lightweight models in the sector, it stands out for its
stainless-steel details that increase its strength. Last
but not least, it requires only a little maintenance at the
end of the shift.