in January 2022, Danese presents the new HYDRAULIC SHAVING MACHINE FOR WHOLE HIDES MOD. LW /3000mm.
WORKING WIDTH, composed by:
• Very strong main structure formed by cast iron body-sides stabilised, connected with
steel strong beams.
• Variable speed hydraulic opening and closing
• Possibility to delay or anticipate the start and stop at opening and closing of
the machine
• Centesimal thickness increasing device programmable on 4 preselectors with relative
luminous push buttons. The increasing quota is visualised on the display and
increasing field goes from o to + 0,99 (that is 1 mm.)
• Thickness decreasing device with Centesimal value programmable on preselectors.
with relative luminous pus-button; the quota is visualised on the display and it goes
from o to -0,99.
• Automatic recovery of blade wear to keep constant in the time the shaving thickness.
• Possibility to correct the quota for synchronising the visualised value on the display and
the thickness of the hide.
• Hydraulic feed control within feed speed of 75 mts/min.
• Automatic increasing device of the wheel adjustable from along entire area in
accordance to the operators needs.
• Worn wheel or change wheel signalling device
• Double safety device on entire working width electromechanical barrier and pneumatic
• Sealed electrical cabinet in conformity with safety standards
• Electric board manufactured with very high quality material. All movements are
controlled carefully so to grant the best reliability on all operation
• Grinding wheel dust exhausting hood.
• Precision, reliability and high output are the results obtainable from this
latest machine designed for shaving whole hides.
• These results are guaranteed by a design which combines the most up-to date
technology with the experience gained in the construction of over 2000 machines to
• Any type of cattle hide can be worked, maintaining high precision in thickness even
when a lot of material is being removed.
• Total reliability is ensured by the extensive use of well-tried oleodynamic controls and
of roller bearings for all the moving parts.
• Accurate ergonomic design makes the operators work station highly functional