spare parts for leather buffing machine

Available: rubberized rollers emery paper AWUKO and CARM Rubber sleeves sold in 2 types: GSG rubber - sponge - 18/20 shore rubber ENP rubber - sponge which can be built in the following types / colors: ENP025 black 22-24 shore for deep buffing ENP037 grey 20-22 shore for medium buffing ENP050 yellow 16-18 shore for light buffing ENP075 red 12-14 shore for a touch


Impact D-1 powders compactor

The use of this compacting machine allows to reduce the volume powders up to  80%, allowing a considerable saving on transport costs and without any dispersion of the material. IMPACT D-1 is built to obtain a maximum production of 1 m³ / h. This compacting machine is designed in a simple way to work for a long time without maintenance, therefore inexpensive. What differentiates it from other com petitors is: the diameter of the compaction piston of 130mm (about 30% more than competitors) the capacity of the hydraulic unit (about 50 liters more) the predisposition to forced cooling All this [...]


spare parts for leather air blades dedusting machine

Cotton and synthetic conveyor belts available: type "ES-02" synthetic type "VT-100" cotton Characteristics of the 2 types: ES02 is cheaper ES02 is lighter ES02 is antistatic due to the fibers contained on the surface. VT100 is less noisy and cotton is natural antistatic. VT100 has a longer lifespan Let's compare the 2 types: the synthetic type (our ES02 type) is white, light and fine; the type in cotton (our type VT100) of light brown, raw and heavy color. both are joined in a ring by a "double Z"horizontal joint: [...]

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